Building Entrepreneurial Capacity for Migrants Through Online Learning

group of people who are planning to start a startup

BECFM- TR01-KA204-077633 Project, online training will be provided to support the employment of migrants living local and in the EU and refugees with temporary protection status within the framework of decent work. In order to facilitate the participation of immigrants, refugees and local people in business life, it is aimed to integrate them into the labour market with training, especially online language and entrepreneurship training.

The main objective of the project is to provide training to refugees, migrants and Syrians under temporary protection, leading to better employment opportunities and living conditions, it is aimed to increase entrepreneurial capacity through training and to develop innovative and effective mechanisms, to increase the knowledge, skills and capacities of refugees to facilitate employment opportunities and integration into the labour market.

The specific objective of the project…

  • Within the scope of the adult education programme, identifying the needs for the integration of refugees into the labour market and developing their start business capacities, knowledge and skills, 
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship among refugees and migrants under temporary protection who want to start a business and contribute to the country’s economy,
  • Increasing the compatibility of education and qualifications of refugees and migrants with the labour market in the host country,
  • Strengthening the network/cooperation between refugees and migrants under temporary protection and the business world,
  • Bringing migrants and refugees who live away from their workforce qualifications and workforce skills by determining their competencies and providing social and economic contribution to the host country,

Within the scope of the BECFM Project,

  • Training will be given through the online learning platform to increase the entrepreneurial capacity of migrants and the local people,
  • Entrepreneurship training will be given to refugees on starting a business
  • Activities will be carried out to raise awareness about entrepreneurship,
  • Online training and F2F training programs will be provided for trainers/ refugees/ migrants
  • Mentoring, information meetings, online training, and language and entrepreneurship training will be given. In addition, modules for encouraging entrepreneurship will be prepared.

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Domande frequenti (FAQ)

A trainee who wants to attend the online training programme that is given within the scope of the Project for Entrepreneurial Capacity of Migrants and Refugees through Online Learning can register by contacting our experts through the project website or the websites of the project partners.

Participants can attend the training from any country or city they want.

Training takes approximately 2 months.